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Historical Connections: The Mayflower

I started researching my family in 2009. It took me two years before I had any breakthroughs on any historical connections. Throughout that two-year period, I
could not get past one of my great great grandmother's, as I could not find her maiden name. Once I finally got past this hurdle, I found a great deal of information, which led me to a distant cousin. We corresponded for a while and one of the e-mails she sent me changed everything I had ever thought I knew about my family. Through
this e-mail, she was informing me that another cousin had traced us all the way back to the MAYFLOWER!!! She couldn’t tell me exactly how, but she did give me the last
name Tilley. From there it didn’t take me too long to trace the Tilley’s and the Howland’s family line down to my own!

From there the discoveries didn’t take long at all and were absolutely stunning!
There’s former President’s, poets, actors & actresses, a singer, even the prophet
and founder of the Latter-Day Saint movement, and some other politicians. I spent
a great deal of time documenting everything, so I could see just how I was related
to these historical people.
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The Mayflower
The Mayflower