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I am the son of Paul & Connie (Stenzel) Stiever. My grandparents were Bernard & Mary (Mack) Stiever & Jim & Carolee (Biesterfeld) Stenzel. I have been doing genealogical research since 2009. I have traced my ancestors in several directions back to the early 1800's and even some to the 1600's. I have been to several cemeteries in southern Minnesota and one in Ettrick, Wisconsin. I have found that gravestones can be a very useful tool in finding missing pieces of information.

I am very happy and excited to now have my family trees online. And the ability to share the info, I have gathered with the world.

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Picture of my family in 2008.
Picture of my family in 2008.
In back: Scott (me), Jerrid (my brother),
Mom, Dad, Jolene (my sister).
In front: Riley (Jolene's son).