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Welcome to my family history website!!!

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Scott Stiever
About Me:
I was born in Winona, Minnesota, and raised in So. St. Paul, and Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Even though I moved away from Winona at age three, I have spent a great deal of time there. I Even lived there for a year, from 2008-2009. I enjoy working with computers, doing genealogical research, going on road trips, watching TV shows and movies, listening to music (especially country music), and watching sports games (either in person or on TV). I have been a Minnesota sports fan for as long as I can remember.

Thank You's

I have received some help and information from...

Howard Stenzel @
Tony Mack via and
Theresa "Terri" (Stiever) Fischbach via
David Greden who contacted me through this site
Barb (Tate) Unger via and e-mail
Deb McGregor who contacted me through this site
Britt Kalter via e-mail                      &
Jean Braun & Joyce Salisbury via phone and e-mail

Thank you to them, and please enjoy my website.

Scott J. Stiever